What exactly is a wetroom?

A wetroom is a waterproof shower room which has an open, fully tiled shower area. It is constructed using water resistant materials and is made fully waterproof before tiling, this allows the whole room to get wet without causing any damage or leaks and also eliminates the need for a shower tray and screen.


This fully waterproofed room features a level access walk in shower and for that reason wet rooms are ideal for those with reduced mobility.


Although there isn’t a visible shower tray, to achieve the level access look, a pre-made former (a special waterproof wet room shower tray) is fitted below the tiled floor. The former is gently sloped ensuring that the water drains away quickly and efficiently.


A wet room screen can be fitted to protect the rest of the area from splash, however it is perfectly safe to use the whole room as a showering area. The features of a wet room are endless, so why not transform your bathroom into a space you’ll love!


Luxury Wet Rooms

A wet room shouldn’t just be a functional space, it should be a space in which you can relax, get ready for the day and ultimately want to spend time in.


We are passionate about creating beautiful wet rooms which are built to last, we believe that the longevity of a wet room relies on the preparation!


A poorly installed wet room can be a disaster which is why it is worth investing in the best products and using an experienced fitter. Contact us to discuss your wet room requirements.

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